We Offer a wide range of 

Gluten free creamy Garlic Quiche
Sauted with fresh herbs and spice Mushroom, corn and Tofu in a creamy garlic 'buttered' style sauce, topped with vegan cheese sauce
Gluten Free Roasted Veg Lasagna
Layers of roast veg on a Tomato & Onion relish topped with lightly fried Aubergine and homemade Chia Cheese sauce
Gluten free toasted cheese slice
Spicy No-steak on a toasted Gluten free slice with tomato, avo, mushrooms, cheese sauce and sweet chilli
Gourmet Wrap
Single Batch Kefir Water
A Naturally fermented spring water using kefir grain (live cultures) naturally sugar free, lightly fizzy, loaded with pro-biotics for a happy gut
Veg Biryani
peppermint tart
Sugar free peppermint tart
malay style veg curryDSC_0938 (2)
Carrot cake
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 We also offer exactly what you're looking for...


The Yummy Vegan also offers home based cooking classes in the comfort of your own kitchen, contact us we'll be more than happy to assist

Menu Consulting, needing great ideas and concepts to your menu.


Need special catering for a function you're having, we'll bring the yummyness to your door - you name it we'll cook it


Email: to find out more


Big Dreams...

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